Articles – Warbirds of Australia and New Zealand 2012

Warbirds of Australia and New Zealand 2012
Warbirds of Australia and New Zealand 2012 cover


editor’s introduction:

p 4

Warbirds year:

A summary of Australian and New Zealand activities in 2011. p 6

Warbirds directory:

A comprehensive reference listing of currently active Australian and NZ Warbirds plus accidents, exports and those withdrawn from use. p 14

Spitfire PV270:

The story of the return to the air of Brendon Deere’s Spitfire IX in New Zealand – told by the man himself. p 28

Rare Hawks:

Rare early model Curtiss Hawks with a connection to Australia and New Zealand. p 38


Douglas Dakota warbirds on both sides of the Tasman. p 44

Red Stars:

From Russia with love – Polikarpovs, Yakovlevs and Lavochkins DownUnder. p 50

The Chief:

Profile of Peter Pring-Shambler, the Temora Aviation Museum’s chief engineer’. p 58


The Temora Aviation Museum’s Meteor F.8. p 62

RAAF museum:

Preserving the history and heritage of the RAAF in the air. p 66

RNZAF warbirds:

A look at the ex-RNZAF aircraft still flying as warbirds, and others representing the service as it celebrates its 75th anniversary. p 78

Air Shows 2011:

A pictorial essay of warbirds at air shows in Australia and New Zealand during the yea including Avalon, Omaka and Temora. p 80

Spotlight on the Stearman:

America’s major primary trainer during World War II is appearing in increasing numbers as a warbird in Australia and New Zealand. p 88

Background to Australian & New Zealand warbirds:

How it started, where it is now. p 94

Warbirds Diary 2012:

A selection of local and overseas air shows that warbirds enthusiasts might consider visiting in 2012. p 98