Articles – Warbirds of Australia and New Zealand 2011

Warbirds of Australia and New Zealand 2011
Warbirds of Australia and New Zealand 2011 cover


Editor’s introduction:

p 4

Warbirds year:

A summary of Australian and New Zealand activities in 2010. p 6

Background to Australian & New Zealand warbirds:

How it all started, where it is now. p 12

Warbirds directory:

A comprehensive listing of currently active Australian and NZ Warbirds plus accidents, exports and those withdrawn from use. p 18

Kittyhawk Warbirds:

Curtiss P-40s warbirds of Australia and New Zealand, an increasingly populous species. p 32


The first generation jet fighter in service and as a warbird on both sides of the Tasman. p 40

Bicentennial Warbirds:

Warbirds at the 1988 Australian Bicentennial Air Show, their first major exposure to the Australian general public. p 48

Hawker Fury and Sea Fury:

The last of the ‘big banger’ piston-engined fighters has a long history as a warbird ‘Down Under’. p 54

Temora turns Ten:

A look at the Temora Aviation Museum then and now as it celebrates its 10th birthdayt. p 62

Homegrown: Winjeel and Airtrainer

Two locally designed and built trainers in service and as popular warbirds. p 70

Air Shows 2010:

A pictorial essay of warbirds at air shows in Australia and New Zealand during the year. p 78

Impressive Vintage:

Many civilian aircraft were impressed into RAAF service during World War II and a number of them are still with us. p 86

Spotlight on the ‘Chippie’:

Successor to the famed Tiger Moth, the DHC Chipmunk is a pilot’s favourite and a relatively inexpensive entry to the world of warbirds. p 92

Warbirds Diary 2011:

A selection of local and overseas air shows that warbirds enthusiasts might consider visiting during the year. p 98