Articles – Warbirds of Australia and New Zealand 2010

Warbirds of Australia and New Zealand 2010
Warbirds of Australia and New Zealand 2010 cover


editor’s introduction:

p 4

Warbirds year:

A summary of Australian and New Zealand activities in 2009. p 6

Background to Australian & New Zealand warbirds:

How it all started, where it is now. p 12

Warbirds Directory:

A comprehensive listing of currently active Australian and NZ Warbirds. p 16

Sabre 983 back to the air:

The story behind the ground-breaking joint RAAF Museum/Temora Aviation Museum project to get CAC Sabre A94-983 flying again. p 30

Mustang Warbirds:

Civil-registered Mustangs of Australia and New Zealand, then and now. p 40

Home Grown:

The CAC Wirraway and Boomerang as warbirds. p 50

Omaka Classic Fighters:

The other great New Zealand warbirds air show. p 58

The Alpine Hurricane:

Going, going, noy quite gone – the story of the Alpine Fighter Collection’s Hurricane. p 66

Unique Hawk:

Judy Pay tells us about the recovery , restoration and flying of her Merlin-powered Curtiss P-40F Warhawk, the world’s only airworthy example. p 70

Spotlight on the T-28 Trojan:

North American’ big trainer is becoming an increasingly popular warbird, six decades after its first flight. p 76

Spotlight on the Tiger Moth:

The basic trainer in which countless thousands learned to fly in war and peace, the Tiger Moth is a relatively inexpensive entry to the world of warbirds. p 82

Scone 1984:

Dakotas Downunder – a further tribute to the great transport aircraft on its 75th birthday. p 76

Air Shows:

A look back at Australia’s first dedicated warbirds air show in a New South Wales country town. p 88

Combat Dragon:

Some new books to entertain and educate you. p 88

Aero Modelling:

Warbird adventure flights are a growth industry – we look at the regulations that govern them and one Sydney-based operator. p 94