Articles – Warbirds of Australia and New Zealand 2009

Warbirds of Australia and New Zealand 2009
Warbirds of Australia and New Zealand 2009 cover


Editor’s introduction:

p 3

Australian warbirds:

A reference guide to the warbirds that have graced Australian skies. p 4

New Zealand warbirds:

Three decades of New Zealand warbirds. p 18

Warbirds Directory:

A complete listing of currenlty active Australian and New Zealand warbirds. p 24

A tale of two Spitfires:

The histories of Australia’s two warbird Spitfires from new to now. p 32


Five individuals who helped shape the local warbirds scene. p 38

heavy metal:

The Historical Aircraft Restoration Society’s ‘heavies’ – Constellation, Neptune and Catalina. p 44

Warbirds over Wanaka:

20 years on, a look at the southern hemisphere’s premier warbirds air show. p 48

Jet Propelled:

Jet warbirds are becoming an increasingly significant force on both sides of the Tasman. p 56

Keeping Them Flying Safely:

How the Temora Aviation Museum manages the safe operation of its diverse fleet. p 60

Interview: David Lowy

The Temora AviationMuseum’s founder talks about his passion for aviation. p 66

better than new:

The warbirds restoration industries of Australia and New Zealand. p 72

Restoring & Flying a Kittyhawk:

Allan Arthur tells us of his experiences in restoring and flying his P-40N. p 76

Spotlight T-6 Harvard:

The origin of the warbird species in both Australia and New Zealand. p 82

They also served:

Warbirds ‘lighties’ – basic trainers, liason and communications aircraft. p 88

Australian warbirds 2008:

A summary of the year’s warbird activities. p 95