Royal Australian Air Force Centenary ebook

Royal Australian Air Force Centenary 1921-2021

Royal Australian Air Force Centenary ebook
Royal Australian Air Force Centenary 1921-2021 ebook cover. ©Aero Australia/Wilson Media

The Royal Australian Air Force marks a major milestone in 2021 with its centenary, and to help celebrate the occasion Aero Australia has produced an important new eBook for digital download.

Written by internationally acclaimed author Stewart Wilson with support from noted aviation journalist Nigel Pittaway Royal Australian Air Force Centenary 1921-2021 is a comprehensive history of the RAAF over the past century and a look into its future.

Comprising 200 pages packed with information, the authoritative text is supported by a copious number of illustrations including colour aircraft profiles by Juanita Franzi. Tables, lists and an enormous amount of reference information makes Royal Australian Air Force Centenary 1921-2021 ideal for aviation professionals, historians and enthusiasts.

The main text is supported by chapters covering many specific aircraft and their histories in RAAF service, operations and much more. A foreword is provided by the Chief of Air Force Air Marshal Mel Hupfeld.

This eBook is an important addition to recording the RAAF’s history since 1921 in war and peace and its massive contribution to Australian security.

Royal Australian Air Force Centenary 1921-2021 contents:

RAAF Today – Fifth Generation Air Force
Aircraft of the RAAF
1921-1939 – From AFC to RAAF
– Between the Wars
World War II – Coming of Age
– Squadron Codes
– For Valour
1947-1975 – Jets and more wars
– Mustang in Korea
1975-1999 – Fortress Australia
2000-2011 – Restructuring and new technology
Made In Australia
In RAAF Service – Hawker Demon
– Avro Anson
– Kittyhawk
– Douglas DC-3 and Dakota
– Douglas Boston
– Gloster Meteor
– Lockheed Neptune
– C-130 Hercules
– DHC Caribou
– General Dynamics F-111
– Lockheed P-3 Orion
– Boeing 707
– Hornet
– Boeing C-17A
– Super Hornet
Less Well Known Types – Martin Mariner
– Boeing Washington
– Fairey Battle
– Vought-Sikorsky Kingfisher
– De Havilland Dragon Rapide
– Wackett Gannet
– Curtiss Shrike
– Vultee Vengeance
– Northrop Delta
– Convair Metropolitan
– DHC Otter
– Short Empire
– Hawker Hurricane
– Westland Wapiti
– Republic Lancer
– Dassault Falcon 900
– Noorduyn Norseman
– Sud Alouette
– Auster
– Hawker Siddley HS.748
– DH Moth Minor
– Avro Cadet
– Lockheed Ventura
– Fairey IIID
– Bristol Freighter
– Bristol Sycamore
– Douglas DC-2
– Boeing-Vertol Chinook
– Vickers Viscount
– De Havilland Dragon
– North American NA-16
– Bell Aircobra
– DHA Glider
– Avro York
– Percival Jet Provost
– Gloster Meteor
– Sopwith Pup
– Avro Lancaster
– DHC Beaver
– Supermarine Southampton
– Percival Vega Gull
– Dassault Falcon 20
– BAC One-Eleven
RAAF Roulettes
100 Squadron

Essential reading for anyone interested in military aviation.

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