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RAAF 90th Anniversary  magazine cover
RAAF 90th Anniversary magazine cover



Air Marshall Mark Binskin AO, Chief of Air Force. p 4

Editor’s Introduction:

Page 6

RAAF Today

The organisation of a modern and efficient air arm. p 8

Aircraft of the RAAF:

A tabular listing of the RAAF’s aircraft 1921-2011. p 14

RAAF 1921-39:

From AFC to RAAF, the formative years. p 18

Hawker Demon:

In RAAF Service. p 23

Coming of Age:

The RAAF in World War II. p 26

RAAF WWII Squadron Codes:

Page 32

For Valour:

The Victoria Cross was awarded to three Australian airmen during WWII. p 38

Douglas Boston:

In RAAF Service. p 42

Douglas Dakota:

In RAAF Service. p 44

RAAF 1950-75:

Jets, supersonics, Korea and Vietnam.  p 46

Gloster Meteor:

In RAAF Service. p 56

Made In Australia:

Building aircraft for the RAAF ‘at home’. p 58

Lockheed Neptune:

In RAAF Service. p 76

RAAF 1975-99:

Fortress Australia and the start of the electronic age. p 78

Boeing 707

In RAAF Service. p84

Farewell Old Friends

F-111 and Caribou – two of the greats go into honourable retirement. p 86


The RAAF’s public face celebrates 40 years. p 92

21st Century RAAF

Restructuring for the ‘network-centric’ information age. p 96

Boeing C-17 Globemaster III

In RAAF Service. p 100

Towards the Future

New technologies, new platforms and new philosophies. p 102

RAAF Warbirds

Keeping history flying. p 110