F-111 In RAAF Service 1973-2010 cover

Articles – F-111 In RAAF Service 1973-2010

F-111 In RAAF Service 1973-2010 cover
F-111 In RAAF Service 1973-2010 cover


Editor’s Introduction:

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Zero to Hero:

The F-111 had massive problems to overcome in its early days, but overcome them it did. p 4

Pig Stories:

Former RAAF Chief of Air Force and F-111 pilot Geoff Shepherd looks back at his involvement with ‘The Pig’, operationally, logistically and politically. p 10

Jack of all Trades:

The often controversial conception and development of the F-111, originally intended as a do all’ combat aircraft thanks to US Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara’s ‘procedural commonality’ theories. p 18

An Interesting Aeroplane:

A look at the F-111’s highly advanced and in many areas revolutionary design. p 22

Marks and Models:

All the F-111’s variants described. p 28

F-111 for Australia

Australia’s acquisition of the F-111 described in detail. It was controversial and much-delayed but survived bad press and threats of cancellation. p 36

The Temporary Phantom:

With delivery of the RAAF’s F-111s seriously delayed, a temporary substitute needed to be found. The solution was the leasing of another modern classic, the McDonnell F-4 Phantom. p 42

At Last! The F-111c:

It took a decade from ordering to delivery, but the arrival of the F-111C in 1973 gave the RAAF a capability which would remain unmatched in the region for the next 37 years. p 46

Losses & Replacements:

Only eight F-111s were lost during its RAAF career, remarkable considering the nature of its operations. p 54

F-111 Mission: from the cockpit

We take you on an F-111 training mission – very low, very fast and very exciting! p 56

Upgrades for the 21st century:

By 1990 – and with another two decades of service at that stage planned – the RAAF’s F-111s were in need of avionics and airframe upgrades to keep them viable. These ensured the aircraft would remain at the top of its class. p 64

End Game:

At the turn of the century it was planned to keep the F-111 in RAAF service until 2020, but it didn’t quite work out that way. p 76

F-111 Gallery:

A selection of F-111 photographs to help tell the story. p 76

Australia’s F-111s:

All 43 of the RAAF’s F-111s illustrated and their potted histories noted. p 94