Aero Australia issue 9
Aero Australia issue 9 cover

Articles – issue 9


A380 In Australia: The biggest airliner’s first visit. p 14

Headlines of 2005: Events that helped shape aviation last year. p 22

Warbirds year: A look at what’s been happening with Australian warbirds. p 28

Boeing 737 generation one: Founders of the 737 dynasty. p 32

Made in Australia: Mirage ‘Delta Lady’ ushers in the RAAF’s supersonic age. p 40

Very Light Jets: Citation Mustang and Eclipse 500. p 50

The first Spitfire: The life and times of K5054. p 56

Building the Cirrus: A visit to the SR20/22 production line. p 68

Vertical lift: Columbia Helicopters in New Zealand. p 80


Wilson’s Commentary: The editor on airliners and insults to the nation. p 1

AeroGrammes: Bits & pieces of information from the aviation world. p 4

Aeromail: Your opinions on Qantas. p 11

Movements: Aircraft spotted around the traps over the last few months. p 17

Skywarrior: Wg Cdr ‘bull’ Garing  Sunderland pilot and Pacific air commander. p 74

Air Shows: ADF Show at Pearce and Watts Bridge Festival of Flight. p 92

Safe Flight: Carbon monoxide will kill you – and you won’t feel a thing. p 90

Aero Reviews: Some books to consider for your collection. p 100

Aero Album: Mirage miscellany. p 104

Aero Modelling: The Messerschmitt Bf 109 in metal and plastic. p 106