Aero Australia issue 8
Aero Australia issue 8 cover

Articles – issue 8


A400m and C-17: Aircraft for the future RAAF? p 22

Exercise Talisman Sabre: Queensland invaded by air, sea and ground forces. p 30

Douglas DC-3: Celebrating 70 years of ‘all the world’s transport’. p 36

Going Supersonic: The quest to break the ‘sound barrier’. p 56

Made in Australia: CAC Ceres  The goddess of fertility from Fisherman’s Bend. p 62

Corporate Spin: Are business helicopters taking off in Australia? p 76

Black Box: David Warren  The Australian behind the flight data recorder. p 84

Oshkosh 2005: The world’s greatest aviation celebration. p 94


Wilson’s Commentary: The editor asks some questions of Qantas and also shows that political correctness is not his strong point! p 1

AeroGrammes: Bits & pieces of information from the aviation world. p 4

Opinion: The government versus general aviation. p 17

Movements: Aircraft spotted around the traps over the last few months. p 18

Skywarrior: Hughie Edwards VC  A great Australian bomber pilot and leader. p 70

Safe Flight: Carbon monoxide will kill you – and you won’t feel a thing. p 90

Aero Modelling: Phabulous Phantoms for Phantom Phanatics – in metal and plastic. p 102

Aero Album: The art of drawing aeroplanes by paint, pencil and computer chip. p 108

Aero Reviews: Some books to consider for your collection. p 112