Articles – issue 63

Aero Australia issue 63 cover image


Spitfire Spies: The famous fighter has a second and important role in WWII. P 24

A330neo Update: The second generation Airbus widebody twin enters service. P 34

Quiet Achiever: The Hawk lead-in fighter trainer plays an important and often understated role in the RAAF.  P 38

Mustang Warbirds: The classic North American and CAC fighters which are flying in Australian and New Zealand skies.  P 44

Japanese Airlift: The Kawasaki C-2 military transport recently visited Australia – we look at its background and prospects.  P 54

Baby Beechcraft: The Musketeer was intended to take on the Cessna 172 and Piper Cherokee in the four-seat light aircraft marketplace.  P 58

They Also Served: Some of the less well-known aircraft that have serve with the RAAF over the years.  P 64

Auster Turns 80: The Antique Aeroplane Association of Australia celebrated Auster’s 80th birthday with a fly-in at Echuca. P 72

Mini Profiles: A pair of early jet bombers, a whispering giant and a one-off Douglas airliner. P 76


Wilson’s Commentary: The editor on the Temora Aviation Museum’s big change and – yet again – the mass media. P 5

Aerogrammes: Bits and pieces of news and information from around the aviation world. P 6

Aerogrammes Extra: The Boeing 737 MAX tragedies, the aftermath and some background on the issue. P 14

Warbirds & Vintage: News from world of old aeroplanes. P 16

Movements: Some of the aircraft spotted around the traps over the last few months. P 20

Air Shows: Some of the action from Omaka Classic Fighters, Wings Over Illawarra and the Hunter Valley. P82

Aero Album: A collection of warbirds before warbirds existed. P 90

Aero Models: Some diecast flying boat models you can add to your collection. P 94

Aero Reviews: Books covering RAAF history, a pair of Swedish Northrops and some from the editor’s bookshelf.