Aero Australia issue 62 cover
Aero Australia issue 62 cover
Aero Australia issue 62 (Apr-Jun 2019) cover

Articles – issue 62


Made In Australia: Aircraft for the RAAF, from Avro 504s to Hornets and Hawks. P24

ARDU Turns 75: The Aircraft Research & Development Unit and its predecessor has tested and evaluated the RAAF’s aircraft since 1941. P 38

2 Operational Conversion Unit: The RAAF’s fighter pilot training unit celebrates 75 years and prepares for its next phase.  P 48

Flops and Fizzers: Some aircraft of different types and roles which failed to make the grade for a variety of reasons.  P 52

Cessna NGP: Cessna’s proof-of-concept ‘Next Generation Piston’ single of the mid-2000s never made it into production and remained a one-off.  P 58

Demigod of the Sea: Due to enter RAAF service in 2023 the Triton large UAV will patrol the oceans around Australia.  P 62

Unfinished Freighter: The Airbus A380F freighter was launched at the same time as the passenger version but was never built.  P 66

Bankstown Airport: Sydney’s general aviation hub look to its future with new management and more emphasis on aviation activities. P 70

Avalon Air Show: Very hot weather and plenty of action at the 2019 Australian International Airshow. P 80


Wilson’s Commentary: The editor on political correctness, drones, Avalon and the A380. P 5

Aerogrammes: Bits and pieces of news and information from around the aviation world. P 6

Aerogrammes Extra: The RAAF bids farewell to the Orion – apart from two of them. P 14

Warbirds & Vintage: News from world of old aeroplanes and the Australian Warbirds Association. P 16

Movements: Some of the aircraft spotted around the traps over the last few months. P 20

Mini Profiles: A Swiss fighter, an early American fighter with a sting, a Canadian propliner and a rather large fish masquerading as a flying boat. P 76

Aero Album: Complementing our ARDU feature starting on page 38, here’s some more shots of some of its aircraft. P88

Aero Models: The fighters flown by RAAF pilots in World War II, in metal and plastic. P94