Aero Australia issue 6
Aero Australia issue 6 cover

Articles – issue 6


GA: the industry’s Cinderella The considered opinion of one who knows. p 14

Aussie warbirds: Celebrating 25 years. p 22

Cessna 172 : Golden anniversary for a symbol of general aviation. p 32

Avalon 2005 : The Australian International AirShow. p 40

A day in the life: We visit Brisbane’s Archerfield Airport. p 50

Made in Australia: Canberra The RAAF’s first jet bomber. p 56

The ‘Budgie’: History of the Hawker Siddeley HS.748. p 66

RAN Fleet Air Arm: Wings of the Senior Service. p 72

Eurocopter EC 120b: We test Eurocopter’s entry level five-seater. p 80



Wilson’s Commentary: The editor on warbirds and airliners. p 1

AeroGrammes: Bits and pieces of information from the aviation world. p 4

Movements: Aircraft spotted around the traps over the last few months. p 16

Skywarrior: John Cunningham  Interview with the great night fighter and test pilot. p 86

AeroPeople: Navy girls  Women of the Fleet Air Arm. p 92

Safe Flight: Stayin’ alive in ’05. p 96

Aero Modelling: Spitfire – everyone’s favourite in metal and plastic. p 100

Aero Album: The best of British, in glorious black and white. p 108

Aero Reviews: Some books and a re-issue of a favourite flying film. p 112