Aero Australia issue 56
Aero Australia issue 56
Aero Australia issue 56 cover

Articles – issue 56


America Versus Concord: Was the USA’s opposition to Concorde an example of the ‘not invented here’ syndrome in action? p 24

Hornet Twilight: The RAAF’s front line fighter for more than three decades enters rgw final phase of its service life. p 30

Sonic Cruiser: Boeing’s early-2000s flight of fancy airliner – a real project or a put-on? Here’s an attempt to tell the story. p 34

Preserving Pigs: How the RAAF has preserved the F-111s it has kept for display as some of its bases. p 38

They Also Served: Some of the less well-known aircraft that have served the RAAF over the years. p 44

Spitfires Downunder: The stories of the five airworthy Spitfires currently gracing the skies over Australia and New Zealand. p 50

Airlift Brazilian Style: The new Embraer KC-390 military transport is aimed at the early generation Hercules replacement market. p 58

Queensland Air Museum: “It will be good when it’s finished” – the story behind one of Australia’s leading aircraft collections. p 62

Tanking Talisman: A pictorial review of the recent Talisman Sabre exercise, highlighting its aerial refuelling activities. p 68

Mini Profiles: A Canadian maritime patroller and a largely forgotten Cub. p 73


Wilson’s Commentary: The editor on circuit bashing and “our once beautiful language”. p 5

Aerogrammes: Bits and pieces of news and information from around the aviation world. p 6

Aerogrammes Extra: Saving the A380 – is it too late? p 14

Warbirds & Vintage: News from the world of old aeroplanes. p 16

Movements: Some of the aircraft spotted around the traps over the last few months. p 20

SkyWarrior – Clive Caldwell: Revisiting the story of the RAAF’s top scoring WWII ace. p 78

AirShows: From opposite sides of the Atlantic – Oshkosh and RIAT. p 84

Aero Album: An RAAF miscellany of days gone by. p 90

Aero Models: Colours of the sky and sea in metal and plastic. p 94