Aero Australia issue 48 cover
Aero Australia issue 48 cover
Aero Australia issue 48 cover

Articles – issue 48


F-35 Update: How’s the Lightning II programme and Australia’s acquisition of the fighter going?  p20

Top 20 Airliners: The most important airlines in aviation’s rich history – in the editor’s humble opinion.  p26

Hercules Disposal Saga: A farce of monumental proportions with a plot straight out of a trashy novel.  p32


Mustang Magnificient: Developing one of WWII’s most famous aircraft.  p384

The Allison Mustangs: Promise not quite fulfilled – the first production versions of the Mustang.  p44

Merlin the Magician: Transforming a great basic design into a world-beater with an engine/airframe combination made in heaven.  p50

The Lightweights: The search for extra speed and agility by shedding excess weight.  p58

Australia’s Mustangs:  World War II, Korea and made in Australia.  p60

After 1945:  The end of WWII did not mean the end for the Mustang – it had much more to offer.  p62

Twin Mustang:  Need more range from your Mustang? Just join two of them together!  p67

Serials & Production:  A full list of USAAF and RAF Mustang serial numbers plus production details.  p68

Bell Jet Ranger X: Bell returns to the light helicopter market with its Model 505.  p76


Wilson’s Commentary: The editor on looping and forgiving but not forgetting.  p5

Aerogrammes: Bits and pieces of news and information from around the aviation world. p6

Warbirds & Vintage: News from the world of old aeroplanes.  p14

Movements: Some of the aircraft spotted around the traps over the last few months.  p16

Skywarrior: Louis Spence From Kittyhawks in the Desert to Mustangs in Korea, one of the RAAF’s finest.  p70

Aero People: Dr Andrew Dean and his Cirrus SR22.  p80

Album: Memories of Wellington Airport three decades ago.  p90

Aero Models: The mighty Mustang in metal and plastic.  p94