Aero 47 cover
Aero 47 cover

Aero Australia issue 47 cover

Articles – issue 47


RAAF Goes To War: An examination of the RAAF’s current deployment to the UAE, and operations over Iraq.  p26

VISCOUNT: Britain’s pioneering, world beating and best-selling turboprop airliner helped change the face of commercial aviation.  p34

The first RAAF Lightnings: With the F-35A Lightning II now flying in RAAF colours, we look at the original WWII Lightning and its Australian service.  p44

Warbirds Directory 2015: A comprehensive reference listing of Australian and New Zealand warbirds, past and present.  p50

Mighty Atlas: The Airbus A400M Atlas military transport enters service and has ambitions in the Asia-Pacific market.  p64

Bonanzas With Straight Tails: After nearly 55 years and 8000 aircraft, the ‘straight tail’ Beechcraft Bonanza lives on.  p70

Breitling Jets: The world’s first and largest civilian jet display team profiled.  p76

Mini Profiles: An untamed naval bomber and a Herculean de Haviland.  p80

Skywarrior: Vincent ‘Bush’ Parker  The first in our series about airmen who became notorious ‘escapers and evaders’.  p84


Wilson’s Commentary: The editor on ADF air assets and what to name an airport.  p7

Aerogrammes: Bits and pieces of news and information from around the aviation world. p8

Aerogrammes Extra: Another famous manufacturer’s name disappears from the skies. p16

Warbirds & Vintage: News from the world of old aeroplanes.  p18

Movements: Some of the aircraft spotted around the traps over the last few months.  p22

Aero Reviews: Some books to consider adding to your shelves.  p89

Album: The Vickers Viscount in Australian Service.  p90

Aero Models: Night fighters in metal and plastic.  p94

Safe Flight: The art and science of being ‘pilot in command’.  p98