Aero Australia issue 43
Aero Australia issue 43 cover

Articles – issue 43


Spitfires for Australia: In early 1942 the RAAF was in desperate need of fighters ‘at home’ as Japan advanced. p 24

Future RAAF: Poseidon & Triton  Australia’s maritime reconnaissance future settled. p 32

A350, 777X & 787-10: The new generation of widebody airliners is on its way. p 38

On the Swath: An exciting cocktail ride with a Beaver ag pilot as he plies his trade back in the day. p 44

Hawker’s Hotrod: Sea Fury – the last of the Hawker piston-engined fighters. p 50

The Scooter: Douglas A-4 Skyhawk, a masterpiece of compact, efficient design. p 60

Aero People: ‘Korgi’  Karl-Gosta Liljekvist – Swedish Cold War warrior and test pilot now retired to Australia. p 68

Mini Profiles: Extremes of aircraft design – a slow, stately biplane and a fast jet fighter. p 74

Skywarrior: Night Fighters  456 Squadron, the RAAF’s first and only night fighter unit. p 78


Wilson’s Commentary: The editor on media frenzies and a recalcitrant former foreign prime minister. p 7

Aerogrammes: Bits and pieces of news and information from around the aviation world. p 8

Warbirds & Historic news: What’s going on in the world of old aeroplanes. p 17

Movements: Some of the aircraft spotted around the traps over the last few months. p 20

Aero Reviews: A trio of new books for you, two of them on a significant anniversary. p 77

Air Shows: Tyabb, Albion Park and the ‘Antiquers’ annual fly-in’. p 84

Aero Album: Harrier, so far the world’s only successful operational V/STOL combat aircraft. p 90

Aero Models: Hawker jets in metal and plastic. p 94

Safe Flight: An inevitable outcome, tragically. p98