Aero Australia issue 40
Aero Australia issue 40 cover

Articles – issue 40


Mustang Asian Interlude: 77 Squadron RAAF’s Mustangs in Japan and Korea 1946-51. p 20

Dash 80: Birth of a dynasty – the origin of the Boeing jetliner species. p 28

Of Tigers and Taipans: The Australian Defence Force’s most important new helicopters are back on track after a difficult introduction. p 34

The New GippsAero: Under Mahindra’s ownership the Aussie aircraft manufacturer is changing the way it does business. p 40

ISR – an aviation growth sector: Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance has become big business in both military and commercial aviation. p 46

The British Phantom: How the Brits took the Phabulous Phantom and remodelled it in their own image. p 50

The Pilot Maker: Call it a T-6, SNJ, Texan or Harvard, North American Aviation’s trainer is one of the great designs to grace the skies. p 58

Mini Profiles: A pair of top notch naval strike aircraft and an electronic warfare variant of one of them. p 72

Learjets Saving Lives: CareFlight Queensland and its life-saving Learjets profiled. p 76


Wilson’s Commentary: The editor on a lost hero and naming rights. p 5

AeroGrammes: Bits and pieces of news and information from around the aviation world. p 6

Warbirds & Historics news: What’s going on in the world of old aeroplanes. p 14

Movements: Some aircraft spotted around the traps over the last few months. p 18

Skywarrior: AVM John ‘Bay’ Adams  He served Australia in three wars. p 66

Air Shows: The Classic Fighters show at Omaka produces another top event.A roundup of shows from the USA, Canada and Britain. p 80

Aero Album: Territory Herons – de Havilland’s elegant commuter airliner in Connellan Airways service. p 86

Book Reviews: A quartet of titles to add to your Christmas wish list. p 86

Aero Models: ‘Mud movers’ or ground attack aircraft to use their more formal description, in metal and plastic. p 92

Safe Flight: A deadly crosswind claims two young lives. p 98