Aero Australia issue 39
Aero Australia issue 39 cover

Articles – issue 39


RAAF Hornets at War: Operations Bastille and Falconer over Iraq in 2003. p 20

A330 – widebody winner: The story of the Airbus widebody twin that goes from strength to strength. p 26

Sabre v MiG over Korea: The world’s first jet-versus-jet air combat examined. p 34

Rhino Ride: A sortie in a Super Hornet for one of AERO’s lucky contributors. p 42

AeroPeople: the father of stealth  The remarkable career of John Cashen in a ‘black’ world. p 46

B-24 Liberator: America’s ‘other’ famous heavy bomber of World War II. p 50

DC-6 Rescue: The Queensland Air Museum’s quest to return a significant airliner to Australia. p 58

Twin Otter Revival  Canada’s famous STOL utility transport is back in production and selling well. p 64

Mini Profiles: A female fox, a tough old Russian and a Zodiac Twin. p 74


Wilson’s Commentary: The editor on the regulator’s responsibilities and the loss of a great man. p 5

AeroGrammes: Bits and pieces of news and information from around the aviation world. p 6

Warbirds & Historics news: What’s going on in the world of old aeroplanes. p 14

Movements: Some aircraft spotted around the traps over the last few months. p 18

Air Shows: The Classic Fighters show at Omaka produces another top event. p 80

Book Reviews: Everything you wanted to know about the Focke-Wulf Fw-190 but weren’t sure who to ask – the answer’s here! p 86

Aero Album: Ah, the good old days! Propeller airliners, freighters and even ‘bizplanes’ visiting Australia, in glorious. p 88

Aero Models: The ‘Fork Tail Devil’ in metal and plastic. p 92

Safe Flight: Fuel ejection! How the simple act of not ensuring a fuel filler cap is properly attached can cause big problems. p 98