Aero Australia issue 33
Aero Australia issue 33 cover

Articles – issue 33


At last – the 787!: A bit moment for Boeing as the 787 finally enters service. p 6

Minimal Max: Boeing takes the conservative route for the fourth generation 737. p 24

Future RAAF? PC-21 or T-6C – which will be the RAAF’s next trainer? p 30

Mirage Mission: A supersonic intercept training mission in the ‘Delta Lady’. p 36

Gulfstream early generations: The origins and early versions of the standards-setting bizplane. p 44

Spread your wings!: For business or pleasure, learing to fly is challenging but also very rewarding. p50

Elly Beinhorn: A famed German aviatrix with an Australian connection. p 58

Mini profiles: A fast German tourer, a fire-breathing biplane and a Spartan general. p 62

The Shack: A cold and noisy sortie in ‘The Growler’, the RAF’s last piston-engined front line aircraft. p 68


Wilson’s Commentary: The editor on the ‘flying kangaroo’ and related issues. p 5

AeroGrammes: Bits and pieces of aviation news and information from around the aviation world. p 10

Movements: Some aircraft spotted around the traps by our photographers over the last few months. p 18

Skywarrior: Wng Cdr Brendan ‘Paddy’ Finucane, an Irishman who became an Aussie legend. p 74

Air Shows: Warbirds Downunder at Temora. p 80

Aero Album: DCs, Viscounts, Electras and much more from days gone by at Adelaide Airport. p 86

Book Reviews: Books from a grumpy only man and a not-so-grumpy slightly younger man! p 90

Aero Models: Defending Australia post-war in diecast and plastic aircraft models. p 92

Safe Flight: How professional are you? p 98