Aero Australia issue 29
Aero Australia issue 29 cover

Articles – issue 29


Headlines 2010: Some of the events that shaped the aviation world over the past year. p 16

Spitfire 75th Anniversary:

Spitfire Superb: The Spitfire’s multitude of marks and models explained. p 26

A Pilot’s View: Australian ace Tony Gaze on flying the Spitfire. p 36

Spitfires for Australia: Spitfires of the RAAF, their acquisition and operation. p 38

Spitfire People: Four people vital to the Spitfire story – Reginald Mitchell, Joseph Smith, Alex Henshaw and Jeffrey Quill. p 44

Spitfire Warbirds: The aircraft that allow us to keep enjoying the sight and sound of the Spitfire. p 48

Spitfire Skywarrior: New Zealand’s multiple ace, Wing Commander Alan Deere. p 56

Spitfire Scrapbook: Spitfire odds and ends. p 62

Auster: The quintessential post-war British light aircraft. p 66

Mini Profiles: Two Brits that didn’t quite make it. p 72

Nullabor Airlift: An amazing rescue mission in the middle of nowhere. p 84


Wilson’s Commentary: The editor on great air shows, great pilot skills and not-so-great union secretaries. p 5

AeroGrammes: Bits and pieces of aviation news and information from around the aviation world. p 6

Movements: Some aircraft spotted around the traps by our photographers over the last few months. p 18

Air Shows: Ring out the old, ring in the new. The ADF Air Show at Richmond in September saw the F-111’s last public appearance and the Super Hornet’s first. p 76

Aero Models: Spitfires – what else given the main theme of this issue? A multitude of choice  in metal and plastic. p 90

Book Reviews: Some new books to entertain and inform you including a couple of anniversary specials. p 98