Aero Australia issue 27
Aero Australia issue 27 cover

Articles – issue 27


Interview: David Lowy  The president and founder of the Temora Aviation Museum talks frankly about its future, the changes recently introduced and the issues behind them. p 18

Hudson in RAAF Service: The story of an unsung hero in Australian service. p 26

Swiss Precision: The Pilatus PC-12 has been a major success on the world market. p 36

Made In Australia: Beaufighter  The manufacture of Bristol’s mighty ‘Whispering Death’ Beaufighter strike aircraft in Australia during WWII was a major industrial achievement. p 42

The last British Fighter: The story of the BAe Sea Harrier, the last of a long, famous and distinguished line of British fighters. p 50

David Baddams: Sea Harrier Pilot  An Australian who not only flew Sea Harriers for the Royal Navy but also commanded its premier fighter squadron. p56

Mini Profiles: A vessel for holding liquids, a ‘tiny tinny’ and an officer who makes state proclamations. p 62

Skywarriors: Australian aces of the Battle of Britain commemorated – and celebrated. p 74

Do It Yourself Helicopters: The RotorWay line of kit-built light helicopters has led the field for nearly five decades. p 74


Wilson’s Commentary: The editor on a couple of reasons why we should be very grateful. p 5

AeroGrammes: Bits and pieces of aviation news and information from around the aviation world. p 6

Movements: Some aircraft spotted around the traps over the last few months. p 14

Album: The day in 1967 that US President Lyndon B Johnson and other VIPs came to Australia to mourn a missing Prime Minister. p 84

Air Shows: A pictorial roundup of some recent Australian and New Zealand air shows – and there was a lot of them! p 82

Subscribe to Aero Australia: Everything you need to know about subscribing to your favourite aviation magazine. p 89

Safe Flight: At this time of the year it’s very easy to get an icy reception from the aviation gods. p 92

Aero Modelling: It was big, beefy, powerful and heavy; it was the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt – the ‘Jug’. p 94