Aero Australia issue 26
Aero Australia issue 26 cover

Articles – issue 26


Boeing 787: The 787 is finally flying and we look at the programme from concept to now. p 18

RAAF VIP Aircraft: The aircraft that have carried important persons over the last half century. p 28

WWII Aircraft Production: A special reference guide to aviation’s industrial mobilsation 1939-45. p 38

Mini Profiles: A rag-and tube Piper, a ‘Pirate of the Caribbean’ and a money-making mailplane. p 46

Made In Australia: Spitfire Kitplane  Mike O’Sullivan’s scale Spitfire is winning friends all over the world. p 50

Versatile Workhorse: The Britten-Norman Islander, its history and at work in Australia. p 56

Just Add Water: Beavering away with Sydney Seaplanes. p68

People: Matt Hall  The Aussie who’s taken the Red Bull Racing series by storm. p 72


Wilson’s Commentary: The editor on stick and rudder skills, Super Hornets and a great aviation writer. p 5

AeroGrammes: Bits and pieces of aviation news and information from around the world. p 6

Movements: Some aircraft spotted around the traps over the last few months. p 14

Skywarrior: Wng Cdr ‘Nicky’ Barr  From rugby representative to desert rat. p 62

Air Shows: Point Cook, Malaysia and Albion Park. p 78

Album: American classics from the 1930s in all their finery. p 84

Aero Reviews: Two important biographies with entirely different approaches and a book on the Boeing 787. p 88

Aero Modelling: Airbus airliners in metal and plastic. p 92

Safe Flight: “It’s the same old story, and you know it’s never gonna change…”. p 98