Aero Australia issue 19
Aero Australia issue 19 cover

Articles – issue 19


NH90: new generation helicopter: The story behind Australia’s latest defence acquisition. p 24

The first Mustangs: The Allison-powered origins of a legendary species. p 32

Made in Australia: AG plane trio  Transavia Airtruk, Yeoman Cropmaster and Sasin Spraymaster. p 42

Back from the Dead: As fuel prices go up, so do orders for the regional turboprops. p 50

A-4 Skyhawk: The RAN’s last carrier-based combat aircraft, ‘Heinemann’s Hot Rod’ in Australian Service. p 56

Warbirds directory: The active warbirds of Australia and New Zealand. p 64

Mini profiles: Convair’s delta fighters, Avro’s ‘Growler’ and De Havilland Canada’s four-engined regional turboprop. p 72

de Havilland Heritage Centre: Preserving the history of a great manufacturer. p 70

Skywarrior: Flt lt George ‘screwball’ Buerling  The Spitfire multiple ace who was a law unto himself. p 78


Wilson’s Commentary: The editor on aircraft names and ‘real’ aviation people. p 3

AeroGrammes: Bits & pieces of news and information from around the world. p 4

Movements: Some aircraft spotted around the traps over the last few months. p 16

AeroPeople: Chick Barron  An vastly experienced civil and military helicopter pilot interviewed. p 84

Aero Shows: Warbirds Over Wanaka and the ‘Antiquers’ annual fly-in at Temora. p 90

Safe Flight: Pressing On Regardless – why do we keep doing it? p 98

Aero Album: A few snaps of RAAF aircraft in the 1950’s. p 100

Aero Reviews: Some new books and a DVD set to keep you entertained and informed over winter. p 104

Aero Modelling: Airlines that have shuffled off this mortal coil, joined the choir invisible, gone to meet their maker, ‘snuffed it’ etc – in metal and plastic. p 108