Aero Australia issue 10
Aero Australia issue 10 cover

Articles – issue 10


Boeing 787 Versus Airbus A350: The battle over very big bucks. p 22

Aircraft of the RAAF: A listing of the RAAF’s aircraft 1921-2006. p 30

SPN utility jet: Grob invents a new class of light jet. p 40

10 really bad aviation ideas: Some duds from aviation’s history – in the editor’s humble opinion. p 44

Saunders-Roe SR.177: The ‘superfighter’ that Britain threw away. p 50

Made in Australia: Beaufort  The mobilisation of Australia’s aircraft industry in WWII. p 56

Mooney Mark 22 Mustang: The pioneer pressurised lightie. p 66

Enstrom resurgent: A history of the US helicopter manufacturer and 480B flight test. p 70


Wilson’s Commentary: The editor on airliners and insults to the nation. p 1

AeroGrammes: Bits & pieces of information from the aviation world. p 4

Aeromail: You have your say. p 12

Movements: Aircraft spotted around the traps over the last few months. p 16

Skywarrior: Wng Cdr Richard Cresswell  Fighter pilot in two wars. p 76

Aero People: Macarthur Job Mister aviation safety. p 84

Air Show: 2006 Tyabb Air Show. p 92

Safe Flight: Crosswind landings – practice makes perfect. p 96

Aero Reviews: Books and DVDs to help you wile away those quiet evenings. p 100

Aero Album: Airliners at Sydney in the 1950s and ’60s. p 102

Aero Modelling: Aircraft with rotating wings in metal and plastic. p 106