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Aero Australia issue 1
Aero Australia issue 1 cover


F-35 JSF: Searching for the universal fighter. p 19

Aspects of Concorde: In appreciation of a truly great aircraft. p 26

Made In Australia: Glory Days Aircraft production in WWII from Tiger Moths to Beaufighters. p 36

Boeing 7E7: Boeing’s bold jet. p 44

By PC-12 to New Zealand: Living with the big turboprop single. p 50

Editor’s Choice: Aviation’s Top 40 A sure-fire source of lively discussion! p 58

Airbus A380: The next ‘big thing’ in airliners. p 70

The Tiger’s Tale: How Australia selected the Eurocopter Tiger. p 88



Wilson’s Commentary: The editor’s slant on things. p 2

AeroGrammes: A look at some of the happenings in the aviation world. p 4

Movements: Illustrated aircraft comings and goings. p 12

Skywarrior: Clive Caldwell  Australia’s top-scoring fighter ace of WWII. p 76

Aero People: Captain Jack  Captain Jack Curtis, aviator extraordinaire. p 82

Safe Flight: The responsibility of the left-hand seat. p 94

AirShow Pictorial: Watts Bridge, Archerfield and Scone. p 102

Aero Modelling: Aviation in minature. p 98

Kiwi Connection: News from across the Tasman. p 106

Aero Album: Digging into the photographic archives. p 109