Aero Australia media kit 2019
Aero Australia media kit 2019

Aero Media Kit 2019

The favourite aviation magazine of both enthusiasts and industry professionals, Aero Australia covers contemporary and historical subjects with authority in a features-based format. All areas of the aviation scene are included – commercial, military and general aviation – the major features supported by regular sections covering news, air shows, personality profiles, aviation safety and more.

The readership of Aero Australia is a reflection of its wide and varied content. Our readers are knowledgeable and in many cases highly influential people who are decision-makers and leaders in their field, whether they be in civil, military or general aviation. Equally importantly, many young readers – the future of aviation – enjoy and learn from Aero Australia.

This readership delivers broad advertising penetration into the substantial aviation industry market including all levels of government, defence and private enterprise management.

Many non-professionals who read Aero Australia are pilots or enthusiasts who support the industry by attending air shows or purchasing aviation-related products. They represent a large market in themselves and what should not be forgotten is that they also purchase non-aviation consumer goods and services.

Advertising in Aero Australia broadens your exposure in the Australian and New Zealand aviation markets

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